Welcome to Adsconnect Translation,

the most reliable professional language

translation service company 

in South Korea.

We open up language to everyone. More than just translation.

Welcome to Adsconnect Translation, 

the most reliable professional language translation services company in South Korea.

We have built our company by maintaining a strong work ethic that demands integrity, dignity and most of all efficiency. 

We strive to ensure consistency in terms of style and terminology, in accordance with our client’s requirements. 

Our translators work across the world, around the clock and are ready to provide services at any time.


Every linguist at Adsconnect translation that works on your projects is selected based on your unique individual requirements.

They will only work into their native language to ensure your translations reach naturally. We ready to find a solution to your translation needs.


Our professional transcription services cover languages from all across the globe. We take great pride in giving our clients transcripts of the highest quality, in a timely manner, and at an affordable price. Our transcription services are done by human transcriptionists.

Voiceover Service

We do the whole gamut of versatile characterizations, from a serious news reporter sound to playful cartoon voices. Our team are from a wide range of voiceover/narration artists who are trained in enunciation, diction, speaking tone, vocal range, etc.


Clients Worldwide

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Opening hours

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Certified Translators  


Translation accuracy

Multimedia has become an effective and efficient way of connecting with the target audience.

It is now a vital part of communication for any business: podcasts, vlogs, corporate channels. 

With one touch of a button we can connect with audiences across the globe. 

We make it relevant to your audience, no matter what language they speak, 

and no matter what format your message is in.

There are billions of people around the world speaking thousands of different langauges.

Some of them will be your future customers.

More of them could be.

We understand that translating your information can be a daunting prospect 

and you may need some help.

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